10 Weirdest Shoes

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25th Feb 2011

I am a certified shoe-a-holic.  A firm believer that a girl can never have enough shoes.  However, these shoes are bringing a new definition to the statement- suffering for fashion.  I wonder if Lady Gaga commissioned these designs.

    1.  The Vice-Ganda Shoes

          2. Because I’ve got athletes foot apparel

                  3. The social climbers favorite

        4.  For the masochistic club

      5.  Hagrid-inspired shoes

  6. Manny Pacquiao’s Foot boxing footwear

              7.  The galloping shoes

                  8.  for the vertically challenged

9. From your bitch of a boss closet

             10. from the clean and green campaign


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  • DaYong

    those shoes are quite fascinating!

  • giftarist

    Nice shoes. I wonder where can I buy the last pair.

  • nz2rdfox

    I was thinking i twas more of Imelda Marcos’s shoes :)

    nice share..and interesting if i may add:)

  • FX777222999

    Macherie I believed you with regards Fashion. Thank you

  • Brewed Coffee

    The only one I can wear is the last one :-) But I think it’s too ticklish LOL!

  • mtrguanlao

    Lol! They are really weird!!! But then,I like the weird factor,that makes them unique! Great research sis!

  • vijayanths

    Interesting share.

  • UncleSam

    A good One

  • papaleng

    d indeed. I prefer my weird shoes, Ang Bakya. Bow!

  • bobie

    kakatakot yung number 5 and 9..hehe..they are rare

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  • macherie

    @ bobie: and dangerous too.. lol

  • voodoobrb

    Enjoyed the article

  • d1dezire

    wow. Not ready to break my legs yet with the social climbers

  • hammadkhan

    i prefer my girlfriend who love antique shoes ,, good work

  • dame016

    Haha. Saan galing yang Vice Ganda shoes?

  • oncewantobeawriter

    Super weird nga talaga..wow