10 Worst Funny Ways to Break Up with Someone

10 WORST ways to break up with your partner:

1. You thought by text was bad, well there are now apps out there where you can send a little animated card saying “It ain’t gonna work anymore” with a little bear at the bottom nodding his head in agreement….how could someone be so heartless?

2. By a singing a song! “This love” by Maroon 5 may just be the worst song you could sing to your partner in order for a break up. The worst though…would be a song YOU wrote about how un-joyful it has been etc…not the best thing to do.

3. Getting a friend to break the bad news to the unfortunate person. I mean, do you really not have the guts to face them yourself?

4. My cousin was sick of her boyfriend, so she thought that instead of facing him and person or really just telling him anything, she was literally just going to leave him. She knew that her family was moving anyways, and in her eyes, that was perfect. So she left the poor man and never spoke to him since, considering she took the liberty of blocking him from every single social networking site out there. As in that was not enough…she even changed her number.

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5. I guess people over the years figured that shoes were a girls best friend, which I guess could be true, but does that rule still apply when dumping her sorry butt? Send a letter saying you no longer want to be together, but then telling your now ex to open the box for a surprise and their shoes, well if you don’t want to die you better pray she or he likes them!! Perhaps this is not the worst depending on the shoes but if you want to make them bad, make sure the note says that they remind you of the shoes…ugly (or smelly, not nice, etc.).

6. Buying tickets for a movie then not showing up, then later on texting them saying take that as a sign that I don’t want to be together anymore.

7. Using social networking: changing your status to single…..that’s pretty cruel.

8. I know this may sound un-real, but instead of chocolate boxes and a note saying we need to break up, I have seen my friend receive a warm cooked meal that her boyfriend had made and it told her to eat it, which she did, then at the very bottom of all the food was a note in plastic rap saying “I know you are content after eating so this is the perfect time to tell you I want to break up with you” She was so full she couldn’t even walk over to his house and give him a piece of her mind. 

9. Getting your new partner to break the news to the poor person who is now your ex. But be warned, fighting may occur, and I am not just talking verbally.

10. You know how in the newspaper you can put a little message out for someone to say Happy Birthday or Congratulations, etc. Well have you ever seen it where the message was “Hey _____, hope your reading this because I just want you to know that I think we should break up…” Nothing like letting not just your now ex, but the whole city know that some poor person just got dumped…ouch. And this is all in the morning, when they are ready to start a happy day…well it ain’t gonna be happy anymore…

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