100 Ways to Annoy Your Teacher

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15th Aug 2010

As I described in my last post the meaning of  means having fun when you get tired from a same routine. For students study is a regular routine. They face and attending same teachers for same classes on daily basis. This regular routine some times frustrated students and some naughty students getting some way to annoy teachers.

Now the question arise here, is it good to annoy your teachers? It depends on your annoy activity, I mean if you are going to annoy your class teacher in a positive and light way, it may not hurt your teacher feelings and somewhat brings a fun to you. If you annoy your teacher a bad blunder way, it may spoil your teacher status and also made a bad impression on you.

Now I got a confusion about writing 100 lines about annoying your teachers, I think you can get more then 100 ideas if you really want to annoy someone in sense of making some fun. Teacher is a respectful personality in our society and we must obey them in a respectful way. not to annoy them in a respectfulness way. Teachers taught you so many things that helps you in your practical life so its our duty to give an honorable respect to our teachers as could as possible. So I suggest you to, according to your teacher personality and according to his/her mood find the ways to annoy your teacher without getting trouble.

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    Great post…..very well written.

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    Thank you P Singh

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    Respect to your teachers

  • webseowriters

    but you can annoy them in a decent way

  • giftarist

    I hope the teacher will have great patience. ;)

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    Both of you are very right, Gif and webs