101 Funny, Weird and Random Stupid Things You Shouldn’t Do

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7th Jul 2013

Funny, Weird and Random things You Shouldn’t Do

  1. Read this article, Once.
  2. Read a good book then write the author a weird review.
  3. Help a friend then kiss their shoulder.
  4. Make a new friend, then beg them to eat pie with you.
  5. Take a bubble bath, then get dressed without drying off.
  6. Take a long enjoyable shower then make a really loud big fart.
  7. Take your wife to lunch, then french- kiss her head.
  8. Take your girlfriend to a concert, then dance all crazy
  9. Take your Mother to lunch, then scold her if she does not eat all her food.
  10. Call an old friend, then pretend you don’t remember them, then tell them your joking.
  11. Remember what it was like being a kid, then go back to being a boring adult.
  12. Go play at a playground, then spin on a swing till you throw up. 
  13. Walk at the park, then sit on a bench for an hour.
  14. Give your dog a bath, then give yourself another bath.
  15. Walk your dog, then give him a dog treat and you try one too then of course spit it out.
  16. Cuddle with your spouse, then tickle his or her toes.
  17. Cuddle with your pet, then tickle their paws.
  18. Watch a funny movie, then laugh super loud and annoyingly.
  19. Play wrestle with your kids, then pretend they hurt you, then laugh and tell them just kidding.
  20. Make a homemade fort with your kids, then get inside and take a nap.
  21. Plant something then cry.
  22. Shoot some hoops with some kids, then play dodge ball.
  23. Go to an amusement park take kids, then chicken- out on all the scary rides.
  24. Go buy clothes at a thrift store, then complain about the prices.
  25. Play slug bug while riding in a car, then do it annoyingly.
  26. Play a video game with your kids, then pretend your controller broke.
  27. Make brownies, then stuff a whole one in your mouth. 
  28. Walk around your block then squirt yourself with a waterhose
  29. Squirt your kids with a waterhose when they’re getting home from school, then laugh. 
  30. Make a smoothie out of banana’s and strawberries and mayonaise and then get a friend to try it.
  31. Wash your car, then clean it out, then be really anal about anyone messing it up.
  32. Freak out if someone in your house forgets to clean out the little thingy in the bathtub drain.
  33. Go shopping and have a cart race in the parking lot.
  34. While driving if someone pulls out in front of you get road rage, then pee yourself.
  35. Hop on one foot then when someone notices, start walking normal and look at them like their crazy.
  36. Try on a bunch of clothes at walmart, then walk out of the dressing room wearing all of them, ask the dresing room attendent how they look on you.
  37. Make a big dinner for your family, then forget the forks, when they ask for a fork tell them its finger night.
  38. Walk around like your lost in your  house, then ask your kids where the bathroom is.
  39. Pee on a tree.
  40. Pee in the bathtub.
  41. Put mayonaise in your hair then go to great clips and tell them you want your hair washed.
  42. Make funny faces at the dinner table, then stuff your mouth.
  43. Take off your shoes and socs and walk on your tipp toes, tell your kids your gonna be in a ballet.
  44. Gather the family and ask them if they’d like to go camping, when they all agree to go, tell them sounds fun but you’ll pass.
  45. When the dog farts tell everyone it was you.
  46. When the mail comes tell him your not accepting anymore bills at this address.
  47. When the kids argue, take both sides.
  48. When everyone is watching a good movie, tell them what you think is going to happen next, though-out the whole movie.
  49. When your in a bad mood, complain like a teenager who lost their cell phone.
  50. When you need a break, drive around the block and scream out of the window why why me!
  51. When your bored act like your crying really loud, then when the kids get worried say “Got ya”
  52. When its your kids turn to vacuum spill nerds candy all over the floor then say “Oops sorry”
  53. When you get hungry take out all the food in the refrigerator and put it on the table, when your spouse looks at you like your crazy say “I’m hungry” 
  54. When you feel like being a couch potatoe watch girl-code, then talk about how bad it is.
  55. When you go to a party, pop balloons and be annoying.
  56. When you feel sad, sing sad songs, and read depressing books.
  57. When your in a boring meeting start making fart noises.
  58. Wake up one morning and put your pants on backwards, when someone tells you about it argue with them.
  59. Wake up one morning put your shirt on backwards, when someone tells you about it tell them its suppose to be worn like that.
  60. Write a bunch of articles about how to do something you have no idea about.
  61. Write a book about how to write a book then delete it.
  62. After you use the bathroom warn people not to go in there.
  63. Make a smoothie out of peanut butter and vodka and offer 10 dollars to one of your friend if they try it.
  64. Mix peanut butter and syrup and put it on bread, not funny, its just delicious.
  65. Eat eggs till your throw up, no dont.
  66. Pretend like you broke your leg, then start running.
  67. Be angry, really pisst, then when someone ask whats wrong say ” I so mad I can’t even remember.”
  68. Jump rope until you faint, then eat more brownies.
  69. Go buy a trampoline and tell your kids they cant jump on it because its too dangerous.
  70. Drink egg nog in July.
  71. Put up christmas lights in your bedroom, tell your spouse you needed more color.
  72. Put Eggo waffles in the toaster, then tell your kids to get it out for you, then grab it and say leggo of my eggo.
  73. Put up something cool you did at work on the refrigerator then give yourself a high-five.
  74. Go to bed at 6pm, tell everyone its your new bedtime.
  75. Give your wife unexpected flowers, then lick her hand.
  76. Ask everyone to please be super quiet, when they ask why say ” No reason.”
  77. On speghetti night eat with your fingers.
  78.  Randomly take your temperature and tell everyone you think your gonna live its normal.
  79. Tell your family your giving up all your bad habits, then when they question you say “I didn’t say when”
  80. Order pizza for the family, when the pizza arrives tell the delivery person you ordered 50 pizzas not 3.
  81. When your kids get home from school tell them you accidently broke their playstation.
  82. Play hide the game controllers to get kids active.
  83. Play who dunn it when you find something messed up in the house.
  84. Order a happy meal at McDonalds for yourself.
  85. Get lost in the grocery store with your kids have them find you.
  86. Play hot potatoe with a very warm potatoe from the microwave.
  87. Go swimming and pretend like you cant swim.
  88. Take kids swimming at the pool, and do a big belly flop off the low board.
  89. After swimming go walking at walmart in your wet bathing suit.
  90. Look around at a public place, if the place is full of people scratch your butt.
  91. Go to the mall and eat a pretzel while skipping.
  92. Go to the bathroom in the mall and go into a stall and pretend to fart really loud.
  93. Buy a goofy looking hat at the mall then pick your kids up from school in it.
  94.  The day after your real birthday, plan a mock birthday party for yourself then come home with the cake, candles and balloons and tell everyone its your birthday.
  95. Fake trip and fall and see how many people in your family come to your rescue.
  96. Tell your family you have crabs, (wait two minutes) then put a package of crab legs on the table.
  97. Tell your family your dying your hair purple Then tell them your going to so and so’s house to dye it, come back later and tell them you changed your mind.
  98. Tell the kids your moving to another state, then after they flip out tell them you were just kidding but they are getting a new baby brother or sister, when they go nuts, then tell them your just kidding again, that really your getting a raise and now they get the new cell phones they wanted. then tell them your kidding again. And go eat a sandwhich.
  99. Have you kids paint your nails and toenails then tell them that color just isnt working, so take it off and put on a different color.
  100. For no reason just laugh as hard and loud as you can, then when anyone ask whats so funny tell them you just felt like laughing.
  101. Make a huge mess then when the family comes home. be upset and ask the kids who did it?