102 Things to Know in High School

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19th Nov 2011

 102 Things To know In High School

1. Puerto Rico is the capital of Mexico

2. Don’t talk  to a teacher who has three eyeballs.

3. Don’t try to jump off the swimming pool tower.

4. Don’t play Monoply in the school’s hallway. People might try to run you over, collect 200,then go.

5. Don’t bring your kangaroo to school.

6. Don’t spray paint yourself orange. Birds will attack you.

7. Do take people’s stuff.

8. Start a fight over disgusting cafeteria food.

9. Do play heavy metal in Choir class.

10. When your talking to a guy or girl you really like be prepared to run into a pole or locker. It always happens!

11. Don’t use the bathroom in the trashcan. No matter how bad you have to go.

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12. Don’t choke on air while going down the stairs.

13. Don’t steal peoples wallets. They will track you down.

14. Don’t leave a trail of money going down the hall from the classroom, because you will never find your way back.

15. Do shoot silly string at the teachers you hate.

16. If you throw up in school be prepared to hear someone yell “Eating Disorder!”

17. Do drive your car down the teacher’s parking lot blaring loud rap music.

18. Wear sunglasses that say Hater Blockers.

19. Be loud and annoying because people will like you more.

20. Freshman are the top dawg at school.

21. Freshman are top dawg until the seniors get them ( *cough cough*)

22. Smoke and drink as much as you want, drug tests don’t count so play sports.

23. Stick straws or pencils on the ceiling.

24. Have one of your friends try to shove you in between the lockers. It works! We tried it today!

25. Bite people you don’t know. Yell fear me and then run!

26. Look someone in the eyes and say “You’re are my lover,” then run. Or don’t….

27. Throw sprinkles in the air for no apparent reason.

28. Bring a gun to school that looks real but shoots water.

29. Put everyones chair in different ways everyday.

30. Tell everyone your Beastyality and Prejudice. You’ll get more friends.

31. Dance like an idiot in the middle of the hallway.

32. If you leave your car unlocked it will be stolen! By Charlie Sheen with his army of lobster squirrels.

33. Yell “I rule the world!” In the principal’s office.

34. Wear clothes that say swagg all over them. And we mean a lot of swagg words. :D

35. Punch someone in slow motion in a fight. It’s quicker that way….. TO GET POUNDED!

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