10tips to Keep Your Man Happy

10Tips to Keep Your Man Happy.


Tip #1 

Always ask questions!!! How was your day? What can I get for you?, What was the score from your game? A lot of men like to hear themselves talk and it is great to have the person they love to listen. Now don’t talk too much, sometimes they just want to watch the game. Trust me when they want you, they will let you know, give you that look and then you go in swift and fast and grab their attention.

Tip #2  

As soon as they get off of work, spice it up. Can you imagine having another boring long day and opening the door and “surprise!”, so exciting, you are there dressed up in a kinky outfit? Plus no dishes that night because both of you will be full from dessert! Win, win situation. Being youthful and fun will always make your man smile and be happy.

Tip #3  

One of my favorite sayings,” lady in the streets, but freak in the sheets!” Ladies, you are beautiful and fun!!!! Have a good time with the man that you love. Try new things, have no rules. Think about it all day he has rules and life and blah, blah, and more blah, he needs the craziness that makes him really smile. There is nothing better than him holding you and trust me he will hold you forever if you just let your guard down and get crazy!

Tip #4  

Buy gifts. I know your probably like, “isn’t he suppose to buy me gifts?” Well yes ladies but if you want him to be happy and you’re not greedy then go to the store and buy him a gift. It is so nice when a man gets his gift and he smiles. Don’t get him anything, he know him best so think about what makes him happy. Whatever you do, do not buy things for yourself at the same time to purchase his gift. It should be his time, not your time.

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