11 Great Ways to Make Someone Smile

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15th Dec 2011

This is sort of a follow up to yesterday’s, . Not everyone wishes to go the joking route and it’s always nice to make someone smile. Here are eleven ways that you can make someone happy and spread some cheer no matter what time of year it is. Just for a little insight, these work on people that you know but some work even better on a stranger. It’s worth it to see the surprised look on their face!

1) Smile.

2) Open a door.

3) Say a nice thing to them. Surely you can think of one nice thing to say… nice hair, nice scarf, nice toenails… whatever.

4) Snort. See, for people with a sense of humor, this can actually make them laugh.

5) Offer to share your snack.

6) Ask if they need anything if you go out to get something. This probably applies to someone who you know as otherwise it might seem a bit strange!!

7) Do something silly – like accidentally-on-purpose bump into something or fall over (without hurting yourself). This works nicely on kids.

8) Give a small surprise present.

9) Send a card. Okay, so you won’t see them smile but it will and you can imagine it instead. It’s the thought that counts right?

10) Invite someone over for a meal or a snack.

11) Perform a simple act of kindness. Depending on the situation, there can be plenty of them. Stringing a guitar, shoveling a pathway, helping someone up after falling… there are loads.

These might only seem like small things, and for sure they don’t apply to everyone, but they really do bring a smile to someone’s face – unless that person is slightly on the contrary side. It’s nice to put in the effort though!

  • Harvey Smithson

    so sweet. :) This is will really make my grandparents smile :)

  • MJRapp

    Very nice, and we should all do more of these things.

  • Aroosa Gloomy

    So nice of you.

  • Yvhes P.

    great tips to make someone smile. you seem so sweet =)

  • girishpuri

    you made my day

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    Nice share :) .

  • wonder

    Lovely ways to remind oneself.

  • erwinkennythomas

    puts a smile on my face

  • prsol46

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I hope we can make someone smile everyday but don’t forget to make yourselves smile as well!

  • Margaret Boseroy

    I’m smiling. :)
    Please read my comics, they will make you smile!
    (ok, this is a bit of shameless self promoting that I’ve not done in a comment before, but your article is about smiling, and I just couldn’t help myself :p)

  • Kristie Claar

    great share

  • sanataryal

    Very practical and effective ways to make him/her smile . It feels smooth .

  • whoisbid

    Sweeter than pie! I can tell you that it really makes a difference to my day if someone can make me smile. I like it when people have sincere gestures especially.

  • sunasia22

    Smile makes us younger, great share, thanks

  • Vinaya Ghimire

    You practically made me smile. Thanks for sharing the link while commenting on my article.