11 Odd Thoughts

11 Random Thoughts – 12/27/09

“These go to 11″

1)     Famous sculptors probably made incredible snowmen when they were young. I bet the neighborhood kids hated little Michaelangelo.

2)     ipods should have a lockable playlist so people can hide their Air Supply songs.

3)     Think of the loot you could stuff under your Christmas tree if it were upside down.

4)     I can never remember all of the Baldwin brothers, but I think there’s a Donner in there. Or Blitzen.

5)     Car horns should be a downloadable sound. Mine would be the soap opera effect that goes “dun dun dunnnnnhhhh.” The crosswalk expressions would be priceless.

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6)     Baseballs have 108 stitches. Catholic rosaries have 108 beads. Jesus probably threw a wicked slider.

7)     What’s with the Easter bunny and eggs? How did they come up with eggs and a rabbit? How ‘bout an Easter duck? Or have the rabbit hide carrots. Kids need more Vitamin A.

8)     Before the tin man got his heart, his driver’s license probably didn’t list him as an organ donor.

9)     Who decided that coffee should be hot and lemonade should be cold? There must have been experiments. They just gave up with tea.

10)  I always feel like a pig when I buy one of those giant bags of cereal. Nobody needs that much Lil’ Oaties.

11)  Is there anything more frustrating than the quality of Christmas lights? I can’t believe the rope light lobby hasn’t taken over the market.

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