11 Tips to Not Get Bored While on The Elevator

1. When you are just two of the unknown, squeaking his shoulders!

Then you pretend to look elsewhere ..


2. Make a face grimace of pain while holding your head and shout “Shut up, all shut up!”.


3. Bring a camera and take pictures of all those who are in the elevator.


4. Move your desk into the elevator. If there is a sign, ask what they have to make appoinment?


5. Place a package on the corner of the lift, if there is a sign, ask if they heard the sound of typing … tick … tick …


6. You pretend to be air hostess! Show flight safety procedures such as in airplanes.


7. When the doors close, give an announcement to all people. “Relax, do not panic, jap bukak die back again!”.


8. Open your purse, while looking into the bag, ask them “not just my oxygen there?”

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9. Shut up and do not move at all on the corner of the lift, facing the wall, never out.


10. Listen to the voice on the elevator walls with a stethoscope.


11. Make a line on the floor around you using chalk, and told “This is MY area”

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