11 Very Stupid Questions

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6th Jan 2008

  1. Probably the most well known because we all have heard this one based on the popularity of the TV Show …

    Question: Who wants to be a millionaire?
    Answer: Everyone! Seriously unless you are already one why ask?

  2. You’re talking to someone that lives in a trailer park and you ask …

    Question: Where did you get your shoes?
    Answer: Wal-Mart. What did you think? Better yet don’t answer that.

  3. You’re talking to a hillbilly and you ask …

    Question: Who is your new girlfriend?
    Answer: My cousin.
  4. You are talking to a child of a prostitute and you ask …

    Question: Who’s your Daddy?
    Answer: I don’t know. Do you think if they haven’t been on Maury they would?
    Know. In the rare instance they have been on Maury and found out

  5. Your talking to an over weight person and you ask …

    Question: Are you hungry?
    Answer: I would say that unless you just left the buffet this is always a yes.
  6. You and I are in a room. You smell something rank that you know you did not. do and you ask …

    Question: Did you fart?
    Answer: No. This one never changes, trust me.
  7. Your buddy is drunker than you but you’re drunk so you ask …

    Question: Are you OK to drive?
    Answer: Always a yes.
  8. You ask an alcoholic …

    Question: Can I get a beer?
    Answer: No I only have twenty two left.
  9. You are at a party and you leave a full beer sitting beside me. You return and it is.
    Empty so you ask …

    Question: Did you drink my beer?
    Answer: Uhhhh no.
  10. You are the Designated driver and you and your
    drunk buddies are driving home from the club and you ask …

    Question: Do you guys want to stop at the Waffle House?
    Answer: Are you stupid or just sober of course we want to stop at the Waffle
  11. Same situation as number 10 getting ready to leave the Waffle House you ask …

    Question: Do you guys want to hit the strip club?
    Answer: If you tip the Waffle House waitress enough you won’t need the strip
    club. If not make sure you change is in all ones because you know the

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