12 Funny Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

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27th Feb 2010

1. Please do not ask if you are fat. Because it is simple – if you think you are, you probably are.

2. Valentines, Birthdays and Anniversaries are just another day. They are not a epic quest for us, guys to find the perfect gifts. When you receive a gift, accept it and be grateful about it.

3. When you want or need something, just say it. Do not make guys guess by dropping hints. Such things only happens in the movie.

4. Guys do not need direction from girls. Christopher Columbus did not need direction and so do guys.

5. Do not stop guys from looking at girls. It is perfectly fine. Be more confident about yourself. Besides, it is genetically normal for guys to do that.

6. Do not give positive comment on other guys. This is especially if the other guy is your ex-boyfriend. Guys don’t like it.

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7. Don’t ask guys whether they like big boobs because all guys love big boobs. If any guy say that they don’t mind, they probably don’t have a choice.

8. Do not ask guys what they are thinking, unless you are mentally prepared to discuss about topics on girls, sex and money.

9. Sometimes, we are not thinking about you. Get on with it.

10. If we ask what is wrong and you replied “nothing,” we will act like nothing is wrong. Not that we do not know that you are lying, but it is just never worth the trouble.

11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with answering a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. They are fine and acceptable answers.

12. Be prepared when you ask questions. Never expect an answer when you decided to ask a question.

  • Leonardo da Vinci E.

    Now that girls have been placed in the listen and have empathy chair, now its the guys turn.

  • mimmer30

    I loved it nice work.


    Thanks for the kind comments.