12 Weird, yet Funny Uses for a Spoon

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4th Jan 2011

So, right off the bat – weird uses for a spoon. I don’t know why would you search for anything like this, but OK, let’s go:12 Weird Uses for a Spoon!!!

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  1. A shovel. What? A spoon is not as effective as a real thing but still does the job. In a slow pace. Real slow.
  2. A face accessory. Want to stand out of the crowd? Try wearing a spoon on your nose or ears! Haters gonna hate, but you’ll look awesome ;)
  3. A hair pin. If you don’t have any hair pins laying around, you can use a spoon as one. (Take care, though, as you will attract a lot of attention).
  4. A fetchable object for games with your dog. You throw your spoon, your dog fetches it back to you. (Note that this could lead to your dog stealing kitchen utensils from the table. Ignore it)
  5. A screwdriver. A knife could be easier to handle at this situation, but the spoon is also capable of unscrewing bolts. Go MacGyver on their arses!
  6. A musical instrument. Every object can be used as one. The spoon is no exception.
  7. A picture frame. Looks artistic, plus you could attach a comment about “recycling” and “saving mother Earth”. True hero.
  8. A deadly weapon. Deal with your foes in a slowest way possible. Yes, this link leads to a video demonstration of the spoon in action.
  9. A catapult. With no effort you’ll be flinging object like a pretty damn pro.
  10. A back scratcher. Not as sharp as a fork, better for massaging your back. Still does the job. Can be cool or warm. (User preference).
  11. A pill crusher. You’ll need 2 spoons for this, though. No worries, as even a rookie spoon keeper has at least a pair of spoons available. Put a pill on one spoon, then put the other spoon on top of the pill and provide pressure. Works great!
  12. And just recently discovered by scientists, spoons can be used to transport nutritious substances to ones mouth. As this is still in experimental stages i advise you to use a fork instead.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    Some really weird uses. I have crushed pills so many times with a spoon.

  • Anna Storer

    And at one time or another, we are all guilty of using the humble spoon for all of the above!
    YEP! I loved this bit of nonsense.

  • juniatop

    Funny, but not bad ideas ; )

  • dustyroads

    Good stuff. Very enlightening ;) I’m going out now armed with my spoons to stir some shit.