13 Ways to Improve Your Sense of Humor

  1. Always read books about jokes, funny comic books and interesting funny articles.
  2. Visit humor sites such as jargogle.co.cc. These sites usually provide a variety of interesting stuffs to enhance your sense of humor.
  3. Test your sense of humor by posting some jokes in Facebook or other social networking sites and let your friends do the judgment.
  4. Try to experiment. If you have a friend who is sad and problematic, try cracking a joke for that friend and make that person happy.
  5. Be careful in cracking jokes. Avoid saying green or offensive jokes because these jokes could hurt other’s feelings.
  6. Know the good timing. There is a time for cracking a joke and a time to be serious.
  7. Never say die. If at first they didn’t like your joke, don’t lose hope. Try checking another joke if you can.
  8. Corny jokes are sometimes funnier. People often laugh not because they found the joke funny. They laugh because you looked funny in cracking joke.
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  10. Have some time to think. Relax yourself by going to a quiet place. Through this, you could think of better and funnier jokes.
  11. Share your jokes. If you have friends who have the same passion and interest as yours, you can try sharing your jokes to each other.
  12. Don’t ever repeat a joke for this might annoy other people. Always think of jokes that are new and unique.
  13. Be creative in telling a joke. It is not only through speaking that you could make a joke. Your actions could also be funny to others. Just make sure that you won’t give prank jokes because this could make other people angry.
  14. Lastly, always give your best shot whenever you crack a joke.

…After doing all of these, your sense of humor will surely boost.

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