14 Eye Flirtation Tactics You Could Employ in Your Social Life

The eye is a powerful organ of sight, yet this same sense organ excels in the art of flirtation not just among humans, but in animal kingdom as well. There are people who deliberately choose to go non verbal, but engage in game of eye flirtation with amazing effect.

Below are some of the eye flirtation tactics that you should watch out for;

1.       A wink in the right:                                     This means I love you

2.       A wink in the left eye:                                 This means I hate you

3.       A sequential wink in both eyes:                  This simply means an affirmation  Yes         

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4.       A massive wink in both eyes at once:          This means ;we are being watched

5.       A wink in the right eye twice:                       This is to say, am engaged

6.       A wink in the left eye twice:                         This means;  am married so keep off

7.       Dropping the eye lids gently:                       This is a beseeching question; May I kiss you?

8.       Raising both eyebrows:                                This is a command; Kiss me!

9.       Closing the Left eye slowly:                          This means; try and Love me- you will like it

10.    Closing the right eye slowly:                         This means; you are Beautiful

11.    Covering both eyes with both hands:            This means; Bye-bye

12.    Placing the right forefinger to the right eye:    This is a serious question; do you love me?

13.    Placing the left forefinger to the left eye:       This is yet another question; may I see you home?

14.    Placing the left forefinger to the right eye:        This means;  you are handsome

Warning: Do not try these eye flirtation tactics on the wrong person if you are already married because you could be drenched in some hot soup!


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