15 Most Weird and Bizarre Sex Laws

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20th Dec 2010

In the world there are states where, for certain sexual behaviors, you can go into prison for a long time. Read the 15 most bizarre sex laws in some countries of the world!

1st: Masturbation in Indonesia is punishable by execution, respectively amputation of the head 

2nd: In Colorado, it is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman.

3rd: In Utah, masturbation can lead to imprisonment..

4th: In Alabama, it is illegal to seduce or flatter a woman for marriage promise.

5th: In Kentucky a woman cannot marry the same man more than 3 times.

6th: on the island of Guam, law is expressly forbidden for virgins to marry!

7th: In Cali, Colombia, a woman can have sex only with her husband, and if that happens the first time, her mother must be present there as a witness!

8th: In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is not legal for a man to having sexual relations with a woman and also with her daughter in the same time!

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9th: In Maryland it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machine with one exception: the protective devices can be placed in the machine only in places where alcoholic beverages are sold on the premises!

10th: In Hong Kong, a woman has a right to kill her unfaithful husband, but she can only kill him with her own bare hands! 

11th: In Georgia, it is illegal to purchase marital aides like vibrators and dildos.

12th: In California dogs and cats are not allowed to have sex without a license.

13th: In Pennsylvania, a truck driver cannot have a sex inside a toll booth.

14th: In Arkansas, only physicians can sell the condoms.

15th: in Liverpool, England, topless saleswomen are legal at tropical fish stores.

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  • The Quail 1957

    These are really wierd and outdated laws.lol Has anyone told the cats and dogs that they need to purchase a licence in order to practice what comes natural….as in sex?


    You amaze me almost always. Where did you get all these?

  • webseowriters

    @The Quail 1957, lol

  • webseowriters

    @SHILAHO JIMMY, I told you already :-)

  • albert1jemi

    ha ha i cant control my laugh with this laws

  • webseowriters


  • LCM Linda

    Interesting topic. Many of them are weird. :D

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    These are really weird laws…especially the law about mother being present.

  • webseowriters


  • webseowriters

    Thanks Gir

  • webseowriters

    @LCM Linda, right

  • goosh

    Amazing laws

  • Ferry

    how people bear these laws

  • Bad

    Let me search it on Google

  • webseowriters

    @ gosh, thanks dear

  • webseowriters

    @Ferry, ask them

  • webseowriters

    Sure Mr. Bad

  • SharifaMcFarlane

    Maybe the people in Guam thought the lady should ensure that her husband to be meets certain expectations. ????

  • webseowriters

    lol what I say

  • webseowriters

    What I say?

  • Kaye TM

    very interesting!

  • s j tubrazy

    nice share