15 Spanking Implements That Can be Found in The Home

Published by in Humor
21st Aug 2010

If you are wondering what in your home can be used as a spanking implement for whatever reason then here are 15 things that you can find in your home that you can spank with.

1. A ruler.

2. A wire hanger.

3. A hairbrush.

4. A sponge.

5. A wooden spoon.

6.  A pair of flip flops.

7. Your sneakers.

8. A pair of flats.

9. A Ping Pong Paddle.

10 Your hand.

10.  A pair of Bedroom Slippers.

11. A belt.

12. A hard cover book.

13. An extension cord.

14. Pack of printer paper.

15. An empty plastic bottle.

And as a bonus I will mention that the flyswatter can be used for spanking.

  • Wiggles18

    What about a monkey holding a fish??? :D

  • Emmie

    Interesting article with some interesting implements :)


  • cynthia

    a sponge?