15 Tips About Public Transit in a Major City: A User’s Guide

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18th Jun 2010

As a person who lives in a major city, travelling by car is a luxury. With sky-high insurance rates, your second, third and fourth child for an hour of parking downtown, and 24/7 rush-hour traffic. Like most of us who live in a city of over 3 Million, public transportation is the way to travel. However, fares in major cities are higher than in smaller communities, but the service is not as good. We may have subway trains and bus service every five minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but how reliable?

This article is designed to help those who may be visiting a city, and choose to use the public transportation system.
Here are some tips when using train and/or bus service in a major city:

1> Expect to pay an unusually high fare. Generally, a single fare will run you the equivalent of a dinner for two at the Four Seasons.
2> There are two sets of schedules for the buses, the posted schedules, and the drivers’ schedules.
3> Regardless of the time of day, and the line you travel, there will always be at least one delay on the subway system.
4> Bus drivers don’t like to drive their buses. They prefer to stand around on bus platforms and talk on a cell phone or talk to each other, even if they are behind schedule.
5> Subway trains like to stop and wait at stations for long periods of time, for unknown reasons. Usually to change operators, who are up on the bus platform talking to the bus drivers.
6> Subway and bus system maps are designed to confuse you.
7> At any one time, at least one subway station will be closed for “repairs”.
8> Subway train operators will close the doors just as you are entering, causing a part of your body to be crushed and bruised.
9> When there is a delay on the subway system, the transit company will replace the entire subway system with one bus.
10> There are no garbage cans on buses or subway trains, so you can just throw garbage on the floor like everyone else.
11> There are no washrooms on buses or subway trains, that explains the smell.
12> The route you use the most often will likely not have service when you need it.
13> Buses always travel very slowly when you are in a hurry.
14> The vehicle you are travelling on will likely go out of service or short turn when you are in a hurry.
15> Complaining to the transit company about any of the above will likely result in a sarcastic response.

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I hope this helps you next time you need to use public transit in a big city.

  • Bruce Officer

    I think I’ll stick to me trusty bicycle!