1500 Wants to Play Hide and Seek in Ikea!

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28th Sep 2010

“Come and get a hilarious day! Meet up on Sept. 24th 16:30 to play some hide and seek inside IKEA. – Do this for the fun of it! (ONLY IN THE EXHIBITION – Don’t hide at the bathroom).

This is the info given at a Facebook page titled “Hide and seek inside IKEA”. Participants are asked to wear a white sweater.

1,569 persons have signed up for the event, which begins Friday Sept. 24th 16.30.


The admin of this page is 15-year-old Mattias Bjerg Vang. He got the idea because he found a Facebook page with the exact same message and same request, the original page suddenly vanished.

It seemed Mattias Bjerg Vang felt bad about it so he contented the event.

“There were so many who had joined. Why not stick to it?”
“There should be someone who picked it up again” Mattias B. Vang says.

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Ideal for hide and seek

The invitation aroused a lot of attention because he repeatedly invited friends who did the same. Mattias thinks that around 15000 people in Denmark has got an invitation to play hide and seek in IKEA.

Without prejudice to participate.

“It is quite obvious to hide in there because it’s so huge,” he notes.

Over 15,000 Facebook users have been invited to the event which more correctly would be described as a “flash mob”.

A concept which has probably been invented in America.

In each, the first known example of a flash mob in New York 3rd June 2003 when more than 100 people stormed the same shop in Macy’s and everyone was asking for a “love rug” for their collective.

1500 people accepted the invitation and yet 7,000 people has not yet responded to the invitation.

Message from IKEA

The number of people accumulated when Mattias first invited his friends. His friends invited their friends and they invited their friends and so on and so forth.

Finally, some employees from IKEA got the invitation too.

The following message was later posted on the Facebook page from IKEA employee “Høvisch Michael Hansen”:

“Hello everyone. We have seen that you’d like to come and play in our store tomorrow. You are very welcome :-) But we will ask you to consider our other customers – big or small! See you tomorrow! Regards Michael, IKEA Gentofte.

The Facebook administrator was not immediately enthusiastic about the announcement.

“At first I was not so happy that they had approved. It could be cool if they were a little surprised that suddenly 1500 people in white shirt began to playing hide and seek. But on the other hand it is very cool that they accept and welcome us” said Mattias Bjerg Vang.

How everything will be, he doesn’t know yet. Mattias hopes for some good will and good sportsmanship from the participants. He says:

“It’s not very cool if people who have been found, just run in and hide again.”

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