16 Reasons I Hate Going to Wal-mart

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6th Jun 2010

1. Every handicapped parking space is taken, most of which do not have a handicapped parking permit.

2. Buggies have congregated in the few other empty parking spots, but the buggy collectors only seem to be concerned with the buggies near mini skirt girls.   

3. Wal-Mart traffic does not seem to understand that those yellow lines in front of the store means to yield to pedestrians. Target makes it real simple with a big red STOP sign.

4.  Wal-Mart shoppers seem clueless that “entrance” and “exit” posted above the doors should direct traffic flow.

5. The people greeter stands there like a zombie as I enter.  You can not get so much as a “how are you.” And, God forbid they strain a bit to push a buggy toward you….they might have to take a sick day. 

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6. Don’t dare ask an employee where something is. If they bother to acknowledge you at all, they give you a bewildered look and an I don’t know shrug. 

7. I know the first place that I would look for the gift boxes of candy is in the jewelry dept. I wouldn’t dare go down the candy aisle  to look for candy! I would definitely know that straws would be hanging next to the milk cooler….not aside the plastic cup, plates, forks, etc..

8.  What is so hard about just putting a price on something? I really don’t want to lug ten rolls of paper towels to a price scanner to see which are the cheapest….not that it will do me any good since the price check scanner is usually “out of order.”

9.  Wal-Mart Rollbacks? Ehh, more like a roll twinge. If you are going to tout mark downs, then really mark it down. Don’t go from $5.00 to $4.98 and act as though you’ve done me some favor.  Some genius decided to mark all the Kit-Kats down from .50 cents to .49 cents last week. I pity the employee that had to move all those candy bars from the register to the mark down aisle over a penny.

10. Medicine is never actually ready when the automated refill line tells me it will be ready. After I stand in the pharmacy line 30 minutes, I’m told that it isn’t “quite ready yet, but they are working on it.” 

11.  Don’t even think about perusing the products on the shelf. An employee quickly arrives to all but push  you out of the way to “straighten” the shelves. It might be prudent for them to let folks figure out what they want to buy….since that is kind of where the paychecks come from.  

12. There are 28 or so registers, but only 6 manned. 10 buggies are lining up each register. Meanwhile, several managers are surveying the situation. By the time they figure out to open the other registers , I will probably be at home recuperating from the trip by savoring my Häagen-Dazs chocolate on chocolate bar.

13. It is always wise to put all the tobacco products at just one register. That wouldn’t cause a traffic jam or anything.

14. Pop quiz hotshot- I am still unloading groceries, the conveyer belt is full, and you have run out of bagging space….what would you do? A) Look at the customer with an infant and child in a wheelchair to go get another buggy.  -OR- B) Get, or call someone to get, another buggy.  I think even Keanu Reeves could figure out that the answer is not A.

15. Now, I am not a rocket scientist or anything, but frozen foods and cold foods are labeled as such because they are supposed to stay frozen or cold until consumed. It really makes me think twice about the frozen goods in my buggy when I see a frozen pizza in a restock buggy as I go to the bathroom on arrival and then still see that same pizza sitting there two hours later when I am checking out.

16.   As I exit, the zombie people greeter from earlier has magically transformed into a piranha. She attacks me for a sales ticket on a $7.00 bag of dog food, albeit underneath $200.00 dollars worth of bagged Wal-Mart groceries. Yes, I am going to steal a $7.00 bag of dog food after paying for all these bagged groceries~

Despite all the reasons I hate going to Wal-Mart, I find myself going back. I do think the idea of  getting everything you need from one store is great. Having a handicapped child and a newborn would make it very difficult to load and unload at several stores, pharmacy, butcher, etc.. However, I think that Wal-Mart has gotten a little too big for their boxer shorts. They know that they have a monopoly on this appealing niche market, and that comfort has obviously made them lax on customer service. 

  • martie

    I can really relate to a lot of what you are saying. In the winter our walmart has the guy from camping and sports, also do the material and crafts department. Funny thing is he is nicer and better at the job than their regular help!

  • B Nelson

    Not to mention that Wal Mart sends all its profits OUT of your community forever… sucking your local economy dry… killing off locally owned business.

    and once all that is done.. who is to say they dont raise their prices when there is no competitors left?

  • Tiffany J L Alfonso

    I feel your pain, Jo – I feel your pain…

    (I dread the ennui of Walmart!)


    Nice share.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    I too heard about this from my cousins who stay abroad.

  • K.D. Storm

    I can relate to every bit of it.

  • Juice My Lemons

    Congrats on your baby, Jo! Great article. Frankly, I don’t feel safe at our local Wal-Mart with all the hoods hanging around, so I waste my money and go to Jewel. I hadn’t paid good attention to the “RollBacks” and didn’t realize they were only dropping the merchandise by pennies. What nonsense!

  • Lukman

    This is so true! Wal-Mart is a waste

  • LiteraryPrincess

    Been to Wal-Mart lately? I can tell. Thanks for the article…I enjoyed it. You said a lot of things that I’ve thought about during my trips to Wal-Mart.

  • samsons1

    glad to know I’m not the only person perturb with those lazy shoppers at WalMart. I wrote on my pet peeve (uncourteous WalMart shoppers) and had one come back at me with an excuse for her actions. Well written, concise and to the point…

  • Holly Sendy

    Great article! Definitely true about that place…. I don’t try to shop there anymore because of the Sweatshop Labor.

  • Uma Shankari

    Wow!!! Is it that bad?

  • Alex B.

    Ha! I can totally agree with 9.

  • Wiggles18

    Number 16 is AWESOME, I hate it when they do that. Should just run out of the store screaming some nonsense. Just “you’ll never take me alive” or something else funny.

  • meandu

    Nice article. It seems to me that at the Wal-Mart I shop at they seem to do a lot of #12 and #14. I stopped getting my prescriptions filled because of the way the Pharmacists act. I had been waiting for a prescription for longer than the 10 mins. I was told it would take, when I went to find out if it was ready the Pharmacist told me I would have to wait until after he had his lunch break.

  • Franklin

    really? haven’t been there… but I think it is common in any mart..

  • babygirl3605

    Wow this is the first time I have heard about this kind of problems with Wel-Mart. If I were you I would be getting loud and asking for a manger. If they are not helpful ask for the number for the General District Manager. They are not often in the store but for checking to see if things are moving correctly. You can also go to their website and find them and let them know what is going on. Get other people in your area to do the same. They will send someone in that they don’t know and find out if this is true. Then they will be in trouble.

  • The Quail 1957

    Interesting article, would you mind if I wrote a rebuttal? There’s two sides of the coin for every story.

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  • Noelle Bryant

    I totally emphasize with you on pretty much all of what you wrote. My Walmart just underwent a major renovation where they moved everything around. I spent 10 minutes looking for the craft section; I asked 3 Can-I-Help-You people and none of them knew either. Totally dumb idea if you ask me.

  • alfabeta

    A terrible store indeed…

  • patofgold23

    could happen to any other place too… could it be target, ralphs, marshalls, fallas paredes, no matter how HR train their people, they ‘re just people too and they make mistakes…lots of it… lolz

  • Netty net

    You have ask for help if need it.

  • Crashnibbles

    Wal*Mart seems to have cheape prices on many things, more than Target or HyVee. Also, there are some flaws in other stores that could be put into an article as well. They also list the unit price which makes it easier to find the best buy. They often don’t put the total price, which makes comparing to other stores inconvinient.

  • poliwonk

    # 17: They now charge you $.15 for a bag to put your groceries in. If you don’t want to buy the bag, you are stuck carrying an armful of groceries to your car.