20 Demotivational Posters (Part 1)

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14th Oct 2010


This is part 1 of 3 in a series of articles that I will post during the next few days. I recently found this hilarious site that I really want to share with you. is a website very similar to ICanHasCheezburger.com which is a site with the well-known LOL-CATS (Videos and pictures of cats doing funny, sweet and strange things.

is a great site to check if you want a good laugh. If you’re the kind of person who surfs the new daily or weekly you must have seen some of these pictures. The idea of these pictures is that they should be very demotivational, obviously, but also very funny. They’re about everything between sky and earth and I’m going to share 20 hilarious pictures with you today. There may be some offending or not-so-funny pictures in this article that you may not like, but I cannot make this article friendly and funny at the same time for everyone. I also experienced that I shouldn’t always write about what I think is funny or interesting all the time. In the end, I am not the one reading the articles, and therefore there should be something for everyone.

20 Demotivational Posters

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That was it! Remember, as I said earlier: I do not necessarily think that all of this is funny so don’t get offended by these pictures. I thought most of them were great and funny and so does most of the people who’re into this humor. If you liked this, you could go to the part 2 with 20 other demotivational posers!

20 Demotivational Posters (Part 2)

  • Ruby Hawk

    those are neat.

  • withheld


  • BluSphere

    Indeed! ;)

  • briantaylor1992

    Some of those are pretty funny :P I used to make those, but I forgot the site that lets you make em :(

  • BluSphere

    Nice ! :) – and thanks. Just go to the website I provided in the beginning of the article.

    Best regards,

  • Mr Ghaz

    very interesting post. loved it.

  • Karen Gross

    Interesting collection. Some of them are hilarious, some are cute, and some are just plain demotivating!

  • BluSphere

    Couldn’t agree more! haha

  • quiet voice

    Some very funny postings. Thanks.

  • Raj the Tora

    Hilarious. Couple of pictures were repeated though. Great job

  • BluSphere

    Yea that’s true. There were a lot of pictures and I should probably fix it soon. Thanks for the comment and the hint Raj.

    Best regards,

  • realltony

    Great, final dem kills ))

  • BluSphere

    Hehe. Again, thanks for commenting and reading my stupid article here.

    Best regards,

  • BluSphere

    I agree BC Doans :)

  • BC Doan

    Pretty funny posters!