20 Excuses for Being Late

1. My alarm is on a holiday to Paris

2. I thought you didn’t like strawberries?

3. I got married with Elmo and we had a wonderful night

4. Is that a new haircut?

5. I thought that the school was burned down by my friend.. I MEAN.. my dog (?).

6. I got Bieber Fever

7. Bieber got Bieber Fever

8. I touched the tralala of Günther.

9. I thought about the excitement of homework and fell asleep

10. I’ve been Rick Roll’d.

11. Aliens took my brain

12. Obama took my brain

13. Charlie bit me

14. I woke up this morning and I saw Luke Skywalker right in front of my bed. He said he used the force on me in the sexual way o_0

15. I am your father

16. I was walking on sunshine

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17. I was lost in my house

18. In Sovjet Russia… late are YOU

19. Got big booty bitches *gigity*

20. I fought in Iraq, how dare you to say I’m late while I fought in Iraq!!

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