20 Superstitions

20 superstitions

1. If you break something during the dish washing and then something else, throw something old deliberately broken on the floor, otherwise you break something expensive.

2. Just look under your bed at night. Then you sweeping away the devil.

3.If you draw a circle around you, nobody can do you anything.

4. Never put two doors open simultaneously. Then the evil spirits gets inside that place.

5.If you have a acorn in your pocket, you will be always young.

6.Do not whistle at bedtime. So you call the devil.

7.As a boy and a girl simultaneously yawning, they’re in love.

8.With two crowns on your head you are very smart.

9.Hanging around garlic, then stay the vampires out.

10.Who killed a ladybug, gets an accident.

11.Coins from your birth bring happiness.

12. With an eye of a bat, you are invisible.

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13.Pancakes bring happiness.

14.Stirring with your left hand brings bad luck.

15.Make a wish if someone strictly your shoelaces.

16.Who at dinner bite at his tongue, Then someone lied

17.If a girl pees on the shoe of a boy, he is in love with her.

18.Shiny steel scares evil spirits.

19.Do not sing before breakfast. That’s bad luck.

20. If you must chose a number, don’t chose ”13” because it gives bad luck.


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