20 Things About Life and Health

The 20 things some people don’t know.

Some of these things you may already know, but

I know there are some here special for you.

Some of these tips will help you improve health or


  1. Pig is the same as pork.
  2.  Its okay to talk about money.
  3. Life is not pointless.
  4. Evolution has already been disproved.
  5. Meat is not good for you in any way.
  6. Happiness promotes health.
  7. If anger can be controlled it can be healthy.
  8. Cholesterol is not the main cause of blood clots.
  9. Death can happen anytime to anyone.
  10. Psychiatrists dont help solve your problems much.
  11. Family is most important.
  12. Wine is healthy in small amounts.
  13. Beer can promote good health.
  14. Diet pop won’t help you lose weight.
  15. Home schooling is healthier and more educative than Public schools.
  16. Cellphones and laptops cause tumors if used alot.
  17. Artificial sugars can cause kids to develop autism.
  18. Cleanliness is next to healthiness
  19. Aspirin is toxic and dangerous even in regular dosages.
  20. America is the most overweight country on the planet.

If you read these tips and little bits of info and

follow through then you will improve health dramatically.

And your life will be happier. Its amazing what little

words can say.

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