24 MPH Speed Limit

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17th Jun 2009

These pictures were taken outside of the Grand Ole Opry Hotel, member of the Gaylord Hotels chain, in Nashville.  I took these pictures because I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing this.  But here it is.

I’m typing some more because this site wouldn’t let me publish it with just 2 pictures.  I don’t see how an article can be too short anyway.  I mean, too long, yeah, but nooooooooo, they don’t have a limit there, but your article can be too short.  Come on people!  Get a life.  People these days don’t have time to create long content.  So there you go.  Here’s hoping that’s enough text to get it published.  Ka-POW!!!

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  • clay hurtubise

    I was in a place where the speed limit was 27mph. When I asked a policeman he said studies showed that people payed more attention to the ‘odd’ number. That is until everyone does it!

  • Stewart the Man

    Thanks, I appreciate the comments. You’ve got some good stuff too, Clay.