25 Cards of Awkward Family Photos

Watching awkward family photos on the Internet sites like Tumblr and Facebook fan pages along with “” funny quotes, Facebook statuses and tweets is my favorite hobby. I don’t know why people like to take such embarrassing family and solo pictures but I really love to enjoy their awkward moments captured by camera.

I just collected a bunch of my favorite awkward photos and I would like to share these funny family photos with Triond family with some hilarious headlines, hope you will also enjoy these pics.

We are cute little dancers…

No time for baby?

We are sad for nothing so please mind your own business

We are autumn lovers

My pet dog always follow my eyes

This is the best Halloween gift for this little kid

We need a glass of bear for this beer

Please let me fall down

That awkward moment when you walk in the bar and see your children’s daycare teachers! OK I’ll drink to that!

I am a serial melon killer

Are you ready to adopt this son of a bitch?

Yes a perfect family card

This is our awkward family tree

A zombie family card for you

Only dictator can smile…

Please don’t

I knew this family

Count us

This is a perfect love ride in old age

We are superheroes family friends

Who win?

i am a super genius kid but my dumb family have no idea

This is the best example of a happy family

Honey can I touch your pet too?

This my life achievement award


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