26 Oct 2009

26th October 2009

Inasmuch as I hate Mondays, today just happens to be one. What is so special about today?

For that matter, what is so special about yesterday and tomorrow, it all seems to be the same 24 hours spread across a long line of things to do or just wasted watching something useless, arguing with someone over something,listening to music, lost in thought, wrecking nerves to meet deadlines, etc.. all of which will bear no significance in one’s life’s minutes.

Today, could be some one’s birthday, could be some one’s anniversary, could be a memorial, could be special to someone out there. When the speciality of the day is not appreciated, you seem to lose vigour to even try and do something special. You could make a cup of coffee for a colleague who happened to be standing next to you waiting for you to finish filling your cup of caffeine. Silly? Well, no. In fact it is more than just that. You might know the person better! They take 2 teaspoons of sugar with milk and you thought the person is built for black coffee. Of course, this is only an analogy in a strange way.

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The point is simple. As what most people say, unless you suffer from something that is going to eventually take you to the end of life’s journey, most people do not realize the true value of life. No one is bothered to do anything big. “What can I do?” A singular tone of phrase not realizing a handful of singular tones could actually make something big. Perhaps take the unwanted stuff from your house and your friend’s place to make a garage sale. Collect the money and give it to charity.

It is only when you desire to make something happen does the path to it reveals itself.

I believe in that. Do you?


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