30 Pieces of Advice How to Seduce a Woman You Like

Not many men are enjoying a life of bachelor. However, what should a man do in order to make a woman he likes to agree dating? Menslife.info reveals a list of things to be done in order to seduce a woman you love. You must forget a dream to conquer the heart of woman if you fail to meet at least one third of the following points.

  1. Mind the 3 seconds rule: if you catch the eyesight of the woman, smile to her and turn you eyes away. Wait for a few minutes, and only then you may start gazing at her. If a woman catches your gaze for a second time, do not turn your eyes away now – gaze at her eyes for 3 seconds, but do not smile to her this time. Then turn your eyes away and continue your business. This means you have succeeded to make a contact and the woman is waiting till you come to her. But do not hurry – let her wait for some time.

  2. Do not tell her about your ex-girlfriend, neither if she was an angel nor a poisonous snake. This is too dangerous topic that might end in unpredictible way.

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    Do you keep a dog or cat at home? It’s the right time to get your woman acquainted with your pets! Girls like listening to funny stories about pets and you achieve more confidence in you in her subconscious mind as it looks like you have some experience in taking care of pets.

  4. As she invites you to her home, tell her as if you can play a certain musical instrument. This must make her a good impression on you. However, have a look if there aren’t any saxophones, flutes or pianos in her home before revealing your talent. If a girl riminds your talent in the future, you will have to take your music notebook and try remembering your musical education at school. However, this point does not suit for those men who have not learn music at school at all.

  5. If you decided to tell her a compliment, it would be better to praise her shoes or earrings before. This would help for a lady to make sure you have a good taste and you are not a kind of man that pays attention to deep neckline, snug jeans or mini skirt first.

  6. Always turn your mobile before first dating off.

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