43 Do’s and Don’ts of Parties

I tried to write 50 things but couldn’t come up with 50 so I need 7 more please. I wrote this for a good friend of mine because one time we were at a party and she wasn’t sure what to do and what not to do. She’s cool but her family is very different and they do lot’s of things different. Some of them are kind of like inside jokes.

  1. Don’t get drunk and do something you will regret
  2. Don’t pick your nose in front of everybody
  3. Say please and thank you
  4. Don’t randomly lie down on the floor
  5. Don’t scream a lot
  6. Don’t pick food off the floor and eat it unless no ones looking
  7. Don’t spoon food with your fingers
  8. If there are mints don’t eat a bunch at a time
  9. If you have a question, ask it
  10. Don’t sit on the floor unless other people are
  11. Don’t randomly dance
  12. Flush the toilet
  13. Don’t go #2 unless you really have to
  14. Wash your hands with soap
  15. Close the lid of the toilet
  16. Don’t grab the ice with your hands
  17. Don’t flirt with a random guy because his girlfriend might be at the party
  18. Don’t pass gas loudly or blame it on somebody
  19. Pick your wedgie in the bathroom
  20. Be on time
  21. Compliment the host
  22. Tell the cook you like the food they made
  23. Don’t spaz out
  24. Don’t make a scene
  25. Don’t make fun of somebody
  26. Dress for the occasion
  27. Don’t touch lots of decorations because they may be valuable
  28. Don’t make out (it’s rude)
  29. Don’t disclude people
  30. Follow you gut feeling
  31. Don’t cuss
  32. Don’t steal anything from the house you’re in or from anyone
  33. Don’t talk with food in your mouth
  34. Don’t spit when you talk
  35. Don’t spill drinks or drop food
  36. Be friendly
  37. Don’t get in a fight with anyone
  38. Don’t try new makeup for the party
  39. Don’t forget to put on deodorant before the party
  40. Wear clean clothes
  41. Don’t tell someone randomly you’re going to sue them
  42. Clean up after yourself
  43. Don’t double dip
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