50 Really Isn’t Fatal

I turned 50. Who knew?

Last week I turned 50. Honestly, I never thought that I would live this long. I really should have made better plans. I should have done just about everything differently. When people ask, if I had a chance to do it all again; would I change anything; knowing that it would change my life today; the answer will always be, “YES”. I would do it all completely differently. Yeah. Since, that is never going to happen, I guess, I have to deal with the here and now.

I really thought that I would be crying for days and feeling like the Crypt Keeper. I thought I would be very disgusted with my entire existence. I saw myself huddled in a corner, drooling and depressed. Well, I am disgusted with myself, but that is nothing new. I look like crap, but that is because, I have been sick. I also, fell trying to get out of an Airboat. Ok. It’s a long story and that is for another day.

My 50 th was not at all, what I expected. First, a friend who I have not seen in 35 years decided to come and surprise me. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. This means even more to me, because he came from England. That is not a three-hour drive to Orlando. I am just so taken aback that someone out there cares that much about me to do something so amazing. I have no words that can even begin to describe how grateful I am.

It is just unfortunate that he decided to show up on the coldest day of the year. Seriously! It broke records. I feel so badly that he could not see Florida at its best. He wanted to go to all the Tourist Traps. Even the Alligators knew that it was a bad idea to hang in the Everglades. They all stayed home. Two people that claimed to be from the North Pole and whom were determined to wear shorts, were freezing their butts off! Still, it was so good to see him. It was as if nothing had changed and yet, everything had changed completely.

Turning 50 has brought on a change in me that I never really expected. No. I am not going through Menopause. When everything turns to shit, I will still have that to look forward to. I’m talking about something else. This is something I heard of from other people that have passed this mark, but I just didn’t believe it until now.

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