50 Things to Do in One Minute or Less

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22nd Aug 2010

Most of the people waste time in various unusual activities, but as old sayings that time is money, we must care about this. Like most of the people cannot feel the importance of one single minute. Do you care about the value of 1 minute?

I organized a list of things that can be done in one minute or less. Hope you will enjoy the list, plus you can add other things in comments below that can be done in one minute or less.

1)      Brush you teeth.

2)      Undress your clothes.

3)      Wear your dress.

4)      Clean your shoes.

5)      Wear your shoes.

6)      Press your shirt.

7)      Wash your hand and face.

8)      Eat an egg.

9)      Drink a glass of water or juice.

10)  Drink a glass of milk.

11)  Share a joke.

12)  Write a text message.

13)  Make a phone call.

14)  Send an E-Mail.

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15)  Select a perfume to spray.

16)  Spray perfume on your dress.

17)  Hug your partner.

18)  Kiss your partner.

19)  Give water to your plants.

20)  You can wash a glass and a plate.

21)  Take a short shower.

22)  Pack your bag.

23)  Check your dairy.

24)  Receive guests in a warm mood.

25)  Start a fight.

26)  Give 30 abuses to person you hate.

27)  Apply a lipstick.

28)  Wash your makeup.

29)  On your computer.

30)  Slap someone.

31)  Sing favorite lines of a song.

32)  Comb your hair.

33)  Pay online bills.

34)  Buy something from market.

35)  Make an online transaction.

36)  Win or loss a toss.

37)  Make one cup of coffee.

38)  Make a milk shake.

39)  Draw a funny cartoon.

40)  Change a CD or cassette.

41)  Change so many TV channels.

42)  Open up to 10 websites easily.

43)  Ignore someone on the way.

44)  Hang a towel and other things on the hanger.

45)  Allow someone to .

46)  Make a happy dance.

47)  or guys.

48)  Get impressed by a girl or a guy.

49)  Log on to Triond.com

50)  Make comments on my post.

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  • Jimmy Shilaho

    I agree with you but do think a kiss should last longer than one minute, don’t you think so?

  • webseowriters

    @JIMMY,lol good point

  • giftarist

    #47 is quite difficult to do in one minute – especially if you’re not attractive. lol

  • Emmie

    Great list.. and the last two were interesting. Might take longer than a minute to post on one of your articles as i always read and try to make a decent contribution.


  • Sharif Ishnin

    Wow! That’s a lot of things that can be done. I wish writing articles takes less than a minute.:)

  • Kaye TM

    Wow. I enjoyed this article. We really must value time. And we can do a lot of things every minute. Nice!

  • PSingh1990

    nice one…

    thanks for share.

  • rajaryanme

    This list is really amazing. thanks for sharing.

  • Starpisces

    haha, interesting… let me think
    sing a song, halfway, someone says “stop”….
    spray tonic on hair, or perfume on body
    scold people, and the people scold back..
    more, haha.

  • Goodselfme

    I like 46 the best.thank you for the interesting list.

  • Brewed Coffee

    No. 26 – Give 30 abuses to person you hate.

    You must really hate that person. Although, it would be nice to just forget about that person and do something more useful.

    No. 51 – Think of wonderful things! :-)

  • Inna Tysoe

    Take a shower in 1 minute???

  • sam9953


  • zulfiqarali5

    hahahhahaha gudone !

  • 1hopefulman

    #50 was cute! LOL

  • miss suger

    hahahaha i liked number #50 :P
    thanks for the useful list ,, keep going ;)

  • Asmideep

    Ma’am! Very interesting,
    I finished commenting within 1 minute…please do the same to my articles….LOL….

  • tofu1077

    #50 FTW

  • angeles

    jajajajajajja muchas grasias ah y por cierto me gusto el numero#9

    dea no es cierto la verdad no me gusto ninguno pero lo q si agradezco es q me ayudo mucho para terminar el trabajo