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50 Ways to Cause Chaos at School

Published by Rip The King in Humor
November 11th, 2009

50 ways to cause chaos at school.

1. When your teacher is yelling at the class, begin clapping and laughing hysterically.

2.When you have a sub, act like you have turrets. Begin cursing as loudly as possible.

3. Pretend to trip over a desk and land on the teacher.

4. If the teacher uses and overhead, pretend to trip and knock it over.

5. Throw paper at the teacher.

6. Take the teachers chair outside the class and say their not aloud to sit down because of what they did last night.

7. Over-flow the toilets.

8. Talk Back very sarcastically

9. Create an infinite boot loop on the computer. Instructions can be found on househouldhacker.com

10. Start a food fight.

11. Poke holes and ketchup packets and put them in peoples back pockets when you change out for gym.

12. Throw a chair.

13. Flip a desk over.

14. Bring an aerosol can and a lighter. Make a flamethrower in the locker room. Make sure something catches fire.


16. When an assembly, make sure you yell out random questions like “Are you on drugs?” to the speaker.

17.  If you have the ceilings that can be raised, put a dead fish in one and let it sit there.

18. Find a well hidden spot and drop an egg. Let it rot.

19. Do the same in lockers.

20. When the teachers leave the class, most leave the grades up on the computer. Go change them.

21. Give the “Talk” in the middle of a lecture.

22. Throw a football at the speakers in the gym.

23. Stomp on empty milk cartons at lunch.

24. Pee on the bathroom floor.

25. Pop  bags.

26. Accuse a teacher of being on drugs.

27. Take someones shoe and throw it across the room.

28. Shank or ‘Pants’ someone.

29. Curse at the teacher.

30. Put hot sauce in the teachers coffee.

31. Ask stupid questions.

32. Get in fights.

33. When a teacher is in your face yelling at you; tell them their breath smells like ‘ball sweat’

34. Don’t do your homework, then argue and say you KNOW you turned it in.

35. When a teacher says “How long is it” or anything like that say: “That’s what she said.”

36. Play Marco Polo in class.

37. Pretend you have swine flu.

38.  Go into the library and throw the books on the ground. Hide on the shelves.

39. Run into teachers ‘Accidently’

40.  Sing songs like “My humps”  in class.

41. Bring Mice into school

42. Let Snakes go in the bathrooms.

43. Put hissing cockroaches on the teachers desk.

44. Run through the halls tackling people.

45. Rip up papers and throw them in the air.

46. Make sexual jokes about fruits in class.

47. Gag yourself and throw up in the floor.

48. Break markers in half and  make the ink go on the carpets

49 Graffiti up the outside of the school.

50. On a hot day, put Bologna ALL OVER your principals car. It sticks.

I do not encourage or endorse any of this. But I may have done it. Don’t blame me if you get in trouble. I take no responsibility.

Liked it
  1. Posted January 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    you def didnt do any of this..this is something a retarded person would do…acuse a teacher of being on drugs? that sounds like something a little kid would do. These are not even funny or interesting. Just stupid

  2. Rowena
    Posted April 4, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    yea no offense but if we did 1 of these we’ll be most likely to get expelled… you no what i mean… maybe next time write things down that won’t get us in much trouble… or that would but no one would ever know that we did it… DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    common sense people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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