63 Funny Phobias and The Reasons Behind Phobias

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24th Sep 2010

Phobias result from extreme fear of things, objects, animals, activities or people based form a peculiar and strange experiences. Some phobias could be so serious like a morbid phobias associated with irrational and intense persistent fears. When it is beyond the normal control it hinder in the completion of normal activities. Below are listing of funny phobias and the reasons behind it.

1.      Ablutophobia– Fear of washing or bathing. That why no one dare to come or get closer to you.

2.       Aerophobia– Fear of swallowing air. You may end up as a dead man. So everyone needs oxygen to live.

3.      Anablephobia– Fear of looking up. If you don’t you would not see the things which may fall on your head.

4.       Anemophobia– Fear of wind. You’re so thin you may get carried away.

5.       Arithmophobia– Fear of numbers. Number everywhere even not written you could count them.

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6.       Auroraphobia– Fear of Northern Lights. Then don’t look it would do no harm.

7.       Barophobia– Fear of gravity. The whole earth revolves around with gravity.

8.       Basophobia- Fear of walking. If you don’t you end up as crippled. So you need to walk.

9.       Blennophobia– Fear of slime. I think everybody does.

10.   Bogyphobia- Fear of the bogeyman. Is that in the movie?

11.   Cathisophobia- Fear of sitting. This is so weird if you don’t sit you may end up with full of varicose vein from standing longer.

12.   Catoptrophobia– Fear of mirrors. Or maybe you just afraid to see your ugly images. No wonder no one else seem interested since you don’t even know what your real look are?

13.   Chaetophobia- Fear of hair. Well everyone have hair even if you are afraid just put your hands on your head you could already feel it.

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