A Bad Idea (or Two): Things NOT to Do

Washing a Cell Phone:

Person A forgot that his/her cell phone was in her/his pocket and put his/her pants in a washing machine. The cell phone in question is now…..very clean

Mac & Cheese Disaster:

Person B was making macaroni and cheese for the first time, and for whatever reason he/she had it in her/his head that the packet of cheese sauce dissolved in the boiling water, and simply threw it in as is. About five minutes later, the macaroni and cheese exploded.

Mishap With a Fan:

Person C was standing in front of a large fan, as in, larger than her/his entire body. The fan was spinning, yet Person C felt no air. She/he decided to reach out his/her hand closer to the fan to see if there was a breeze, and the fan bit him/her. He/she was okay and got only slight cuts, burns, and scratches.

So there you have it. Don’t be like these people.

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