A Bit of a Zombie Freak

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23rd Jul 2010

Zombie fans of all ages know how to tell a good zombie movie from a bad one. The criteria usually has a lot to do with how much blood there is, whether or not the zombies look real, and how many people get eaten. A good zombie movie will also have unique looking zombies. The zombies might look scary, funny, or gross, but they will be unique enough to be noticed and remembered.

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Also, most zombie movies have a variety of characters, and the best ones have characters that really stand out. Many times there will be at least one idiot in the bunch though that is dumb enough to let the zombies in or is dumb enough to go out to “get help”.

Here is a list of zombie movies that I think should be watched. And by the way, just because it is a comedy, does not mean its not a good zombie flick.

1. Night of the Living Dead-(1968) Directed by George A. Romero

2. Dawn of the Dead-(1978) Directed by George A. Romero

3. Dawn of the Dead-(2004) Directed by Zach Snyder, remake of 1978 version

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4. Day of the Dead-(1985) Directed by George A. Romero

5. Day of the Dead-(2008) Directed by Steve Miner

6. 28 weeks later- (2007) Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

7. 28 days later- (2002) Directed by Danny Boyle

8. Planet Terror- (2007) Directed by Robert Rodriguez

9. Dead Alive-(1992) Directed by Peter Jackson

10. Cemetery Man- (1994) Directed by Michele Soavi

11. Zombieland-(2009) Directed by Ruben Fleisher

12. Return of the Living Dead-(1985) Directed by Dan O’bannon

13. Shaun of the Dead- (2004) Directed by Edgar Wright

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Now, grab a bag of popcorn, a nice cold drink, and sit down and watch these great movies.

  • Sourav

    I’ve seen few of these movies. Very good list!