A Collection for The Bankers

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2nd Jan 2017

I am taking a collection for the bankers so far I have 10 gallons of gasoline and a lighter. 

You have got to give the bankers credit today, because they would go bust without it.

 I received a cheque back marked insufficient funds I rang them and told them I had plenty of funds they said they were talking about themselves.

My company introduced a suggestion box with a hundred dollar prize it was won by a suggestion of reducing the prize to fifty dollars.

 You have to be careful nowadays,  in my friends office they rang the fire bell and they all proceeded to the fire exit once they had all got to the fire points they were given their redundancy cheques and told the company only had enough money in the bank to cover half the cheques. They were quicker to the banks than they were to the fire points.

Talking of fires in Iceland they went bankrupt then set themselves on fire!

They have accused them of running an insurance scam.

Even the Mafia are losing money today many of them have lost their shirts they on money laundering. They should have used their suds machine gun.

The USA has developed a new weapon that can destroy people and leave the buildings intact.

It’s called the stock market.

I heard a banker went looking for a girl friend on an Internet dating service. He place an advert

“Banker seeks girl friend for the night please state lowest price.”

One of the replies read

“If you can screw me as hard as you screw everyone else you can have me for nothing.”

  She got the job and he got the pox.