A Crazy Employee WHO HIT HIS Boss

One busy day at the office, all was well and as usual we would report very early in the morning and later we were assigned different duties. Since we were working for a media firm, everyone had to submit two stories on a daily basis before going to cover the third one as assigned.

On this fateful day something seemed a miss. Peter who had been sent to cover a story came a little bit later than the submiting time. Although he managed to edit his work and submit it 30 minutes later, the boss declined to use it a news story for the day saying that their was no story and hence he killed it.

Later in the afternoon, Peter was assumoned to the boss’s office and we happened to hear the conversation as it was too loud.

“Peter, you have been so lazy of late and your work is like for a grade five student and that is why I have been killing your stories,” the boss said.

“Really?” “Why have you been sending me to collect information if you don’t like what I do?” Peter responded.

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For the first time we had Peter talk to the boss very rudely. We all stopped doing our work and started listening.

“If your not going to improve, I will have to fire you,” said the boss.

“You don’t have to fire me and as a matter or fact I am going home right away,” said Peter.

We saw Peter get out of the office and banged the door.

“Why did you bang my door?” the boss asked.

Peter kept quiet as he continued packing his stuff and then when the boss repeated his statement, we saw a briefcase fly up and hit the boss right on the face.

Tension rose in the office, the boss’s face was already red in colour. This didn’t stop here as Peter raised his box which he had packed his belongings and threw them at the boss.

“I am free at last, you dont know for how long I have yearned to do this to you.” “You are a fake boss and all you know is comanding us as if we are your slaves.” “Keep your filthy work,” Peter said loudly as he left the main office door.

We all sat mouths agape at the crazy incident.

Have you ever wanted to hit your boss like this? Share with us.

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