A Deadly Secret-part 21

Before Kalen could explain, Mina started yelling at him. “Wait!” He called, but she had already slammed the door. “Why the hell do I even bother?” He muttered angrily to himself, shaking his head. Walking the rest of the way home muttering to himself, he was tempted to go back and talk to her. When he got home, he grabbed a slice of pizza then went upstairs to his room. After a few hourse he finally went to bed, tossing and turning all night. 

Get up dumbass! You’re going to be late! Kalen fell out of his bed when Thea yelled in his mind. Shove off, I’m up. He replied, annoyed. Looking over at the clock, he realized it was 7:50. “Ah hell.” He muttered. Getting ready quickly, he jumped into his Mercedes and headed to school. 

Racing to his locker, he didn’t bother attempting to open it. Muttering the same spell again, it snapped open and he grabbed his books. Careful not to drop them, he ran down the hall, not caring that he wasn’t aloud to run. Hurrying past a few humans, he went to his first class. 

Sitting down next to Mina, he smirked slightly. “Have any interesting…adventures lately?” Kalen asked, not looking at her. Thea looked over at the two and rolled her eyes, but smiled anyway. She remembered their plans from yesterday, and beamed.

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