A Funny Song! If You’re Not Open Minded Than Walk Away!

I have a little brother that is technically not related to me by blood. Actually, I view him more as my foster son. It’s a long story, but he now lives with his Aunt. I talk to him and his sister sometimes over the phone. They seem to be doing well which is a good thing.

He sent me a video link through my facebook profile. My personal facebook profile and not the one that I have many of you on.

The video is a song about stereotypes. If you are close minded than you will probably be offended by this song. I think this song is just making fun of all the ignorant stereotypes we all face. One being about Americans. That one was funny. Ha! Ha!

Yes it covers many stereotypes and makes fun of it. Watch the video below if you are open minded or very liberal. You will be laughing at it. I was and I listened to it a couple of times. It has a catchy beat.

So here is the video and please enjoy it!

Oh and I do not own the video or song or art. I am just promoting it.


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