A Gift Snatching Game

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10th Oct 2010

I loved this game at a person’s house long ago so I wish to share this with you.

The host displayed the following simple gifts she could arrange for, on the table: any kind of gifts would do.

A pack of paper napkins

a set of clothesline clips

two hair clips

two tiny talcum powder pouches

two bangles

a green telephone cover

There were ten members playing, the tenth member, the host was to conduct the game.

How to play:

. Equal number of playing cards is distributed to the members, inclusive of the host.

.The host shows a card, suppose -number three of Diamonds, then she places it aside.

. The player who has that particular card places it on the table and she/he can pick any of the gifts

and hide it quickly behind her/him. Say, she/he picks the napkins.

. Now again the host repeats, shows another card. Whoever has the same card places it aside and picks another gift or she/he has the right to claim the gift [paper napkin] the from the first recipient: provided he/she remembers what the first recipient has hidden behind. 

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. This continues, and gifts can be claimed from anyone or from the table, however, the table gets empty no sooner.

. All that the recipient has to do is to announce what he /she wants and  mention who is hiding it.

Remembering the gifts wasn’t very difficult here, the silly frilly green telephone cover appeared to be everyone’s first love and changed many hands generating a lot of happiness and sadness amongst the respective players.Thankfully I did not much care for it.

I returned home with a talc pouch and a hair clip.I had first set my hands on the clothesline clips but they were reclaimed long back.

  • Ruby Hawk

    this sounds like a perfect game for a baby shower.


    A delightful post! This card game sounds like real fun and the thrill of winning prizes is an added luxury. All the games’ instuctions are so clearly explained. I shall definately try it out when I invite friends over. I still have my collection of card games like Donkey, Old Maid, Happy Families and Golden Egg. Thanks very much for adding a new one to my list. I love it. :)

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    It sounds like real fun. Hope you had a nice time. Let me try this game this time for my daughter’s b’day.

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    You win some and you lose some! Interesting game.

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