A Horrible Video!

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11th Apr 2011

My sister and I made another video. It is utter garbage. My ideas were rushed and that is why. Watch the video below and enjoy utter stupidity.

Make sure you go to the Chaoz Compendium store it will soon be in existence. If you believe that load of crap then you are a bigger idiot than Erin. Right now Erin is cursing my name for calling her an idiot. From the rate she is going I hope she doesn’t turn me into a toad. Then I realize Erin is a zombie and not a witch. Plus I know how to kill Zombies thanks to Erin’s obsession with Resident Evil and her Zombie Survival Guide.

After watching this video you might want to read my web-comic for some eye soap. You will need it. It is on my page on the Picable web site.

If you survive watching this video than congratulations you have officially become insane. It is a gateway video like gateway drugs. If this is the case refer to my insanity articles. There links will be posted below for your guidance. You will need it to be able to continue your normal life if you have one.

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Here are the links below so you can learn how to live with your new found insanity. Welcome to the family!

If the links don’t work shoot your computer. Says Me.

Or do the smart thing and copy and paste the links into your browser. Says Erin.



  • Thespeakman

    I think your sister went easy on you

  • Dark Fairy

    This video was so crazy.

  • Lady Sunshine


  • Nikita Phadke

    Haha I loved this video! :)

  • AshleyApathy

    I do weird things like that all the time xD lmao

  • mikailahmayhem69

    thanks for the share!