A Joker’s Sense of Art

A busy life sometimes makes us forget how to laugh and relax. So, let me share this simple jokes to at least give you a simple smile.

·         It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we used for our exams. Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees; “SAY NO TO EXAMS” save trees.


·         Wanna know how Indian people communicate without talking? See the red dot on their forehead? Infrared dude…that’s technology. Hehehe.


·         A grandma celebrated her 70th birthday. She receives a card from her grandchild…the front said “inside is a message from GOD”. When she opened it, it read—“See you soon” (Pilyong bata

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·         A politician driving on a high way, notices a crowd in an intersection. With his urge to get into the crowd, he shouted, “I’m the brother of the victim!” upon hearing, the people made way for him to get thru. There he saw, helpless bloody monkey lying in front of people.


·         It’s tough to stay single in this world where everybody expects you to be with somebody. But staying single is not about having no one rather, it’s an opportunity to taste everyone.


·         I’m on a mission to avoid a grade of 5.0, to get rid of 2.0, to get not just 2.5, to go beyond 2.0, to aim more than 1.5, and this mission is…mission impossible!


·         I saw you one day, you’re crying in the corner and I asked: “What’s the matter?” You answered, “Anything that occupy space and has mass.” Wow amazing!


Do unto others before they do unto you

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