A Joke!(woman)

Published by in Humor
3rd Sep 2010

Councils for women if the man has scattered socks pour on kitchen a borscht on a room. If it after sex turns away and snores – during sex. If the man doesn’t like your work – be arranged . It It is pleasant to all men. If the man all time notices your small lacks – don’t notice Its small advantage. If the man doesn’t rise from a sofa – don’t leave a toilet. We will look, who will fast break. If the man refuses to wash behind itself ware, here all is simple – feed Its apples. If the man in bed named you other name – tell that he hasn’t guessed and that in the ending there is other participant. If the man has started to supervise your shopping – start to supervise it . If the man doesn’t carry presented by you with hearts – tell To all its friends that at it is with hearts. If men reproach you that you feign an orgasm – not Feign. Let try. A joke!