A Little Bit of Humourous Christmas Cheer (No Disrespect at all is Intended)

A local vagrant who was known in the area where he frequented was seen by a new ‘rookie’ police officer who did not kinow about the local residency, saw this particular vagrant who was quick on the uptake when it suited him when questioned by anyone was stopped and asked his name by this officer to which he replied several times on being asked what his name was. The conversation went somethilng like this:-

POLICE OFFICER ‘What is your name?’

VAGRANT ‘Jesus Christ Sir’

POLICE OFFICER ‘I asked you once now I am insisting that you tell me what is your name?’

VAGRANT ‘Jesus Christ Sir’

POLICE OFFICER ‘I’m warning you Sir, if you don’t want me to arrest you tell me your name. This time I demand to know your name ‘

VAGRANT Honestly Sir! Came with me and I will prove it to you what my name is. Every single person in the area knows me’

After some apprehension the police officer deciding to give the vagrant the benefit of the doubt to his claims accompanied him to the nearest house nearby and the vagrant knocked onto the door with the police officer standing there with him. After a couple of minutes the man of the house answered the door, looked angrily at the vagrant and said in a tired voice ‘Oh Jesus Christ – it’s not you again is it?’

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The vagrant then turned to the police officer and said to him ‘See I told you didn’t I?’ Leslie Lewis

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