A Mass Grave Tip Off From a RIP Off Psychic

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10th Jun 2011

Both Police and the Media were swarming the quite town of Texas. A woman described herself as a “Psychic” called Police department and tipped them off by giving false report.

June 7, 2011, Tuesday; the Police search the entire rural neighborhood, 50 miles of Northeast of Houston where the description of the false report located. 

The woman claims to know or perhaps foreseen a Mass grave in Hardin, Texas. According to her, the grave is on a one storey brick home building where blood lies on the front porch of this building. She also added some of the details of the house from the outside to inside which Police immediately issued a search warrant. Reinforcements were also summoned to widen and seriously take the search on a high level.

This “Havoc” as what the officials said it to be, is an intense sort of a hoax. The Local media were reporting the Mass grave to have 25-30 dismembered bodies including children for crying out loud. But soon enough, the authorities found the claims to be false.

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After an intense search Tuesday, June 7, the Police found “No bodies” or even a single evidence of Homicide, not even one. “There is no Indication that a Homicide occurred here” a statement from the authorities released. 

Both Deputies and Media again swarmed the small town of Daisetta, Texas to have a glimpse of the self describe “Psychic” that live on a farmhouse. The Police department said to hold the woman responsible for this “Havoc” display that put the neighborhood baffled and panicking to hear the false report.