A New Way to Whistle

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5th Mar 2010

A small kid while in the classroom felt an urge to visit the washroom. He raised his hand and his class teacher inquired, “yes Nigel, what’s the matter?”.

Miss Miss I want to piss. The teacher explained to him and the class that the children don’t use the word, “piss”. Its a bad word.

So Miss, what should I say? Nigel asked.

You should just say, “Miss, I want to whistle”, and I will understand that you want to go to the toilet.

The word sank into the mind of young Nigel and things carried on.

One night at home, when everybody was fast asleep, suddenly Nigel got up and shook his father, Dad! I want to whistle, Dad got surprised at his son’s strange demand.

He said, Son!!…. it’s too late and you will wake up your sister and your mom”. You better go to sleep and whistle in the morning.

Nigel tried to sleep, but then could not. He again shook his Dad and said, Daddy! Daddy! I want to whistle…This time Dad got real angry….Come on, stop shouting son, let me sleep………
No, Dad I want to whistle…
If you really want to whistle…then go ahead, just whistle slowly in my ear…….

  • diamondpoet

    That was so funny I have to tell my husband this tonight. thanks for sharing.

  • sambhafusia

    great share..thanks for that

  • choosiest

    A kid’s new style of whistling…..don’t teach yours…or they will start whistling everywhere…

  • Debra.

    Oh, no! Dad shouldn’t have said that! lol

  • M.Casim

    a good share .really fuuny

  • M.Casim

    a good share. really funny

  • Sarmad

    What an innovation…

  • Sahir

    I just pity the dad….warm wet whistle…..

  • Yasa

    Kidz of 2day!!!!!

  • Jake

    That was probably the worst joke I’ve ever heard in my life. It was almost as annoying as I imagine that kid is