A Night Out Dancing May Cure Your Depression

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4th Dec 2011

Last night I went out dancing with friends.  It’s not something that I do very often but once in a while I like to get out of the house.  Actually, I had been debating for weeks whether or not going was a good idea and only really decided on it a few short hours before getting ready.  I am so glad that I went!

For months now I have been stuck in this slump.  I lost my job in March (as many of you who follow my articles and posts may know), after having confronted my boss for not paying me for three weeks.  Since then I have been in a down-ward spiral.  I have been scouring the newspapers and websites looking for a job but there seems to be nothing out there for me (hence why I dove into writing; well that and the fact that I love to write)! So, needless to say I have not been a very happy person to be around as of late.  I think this is why I decided I needed to get out for a bit.

The thing about going out dancing is that while you are out you are busy talking and dancing with friends.  When you are pre-occupied you aren’t thinking about all the bad or unhappy parts of your life and you can actually have a good time.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that any of your problems disappear, but one night out dancing may just make you remember that you can still be happy and you can still have fun! At least that’s what it did for me!

  • LoveDoctor

    This is so true. It’s fun to get away from it all and dancing seems to be the right therapy. You hang out with friends if not there’s the opportunity of meeting new people, dancing and having a drink or two. Now imagine doing that every other weekend…lol.

  • Profit Buzz

    I know it does for me, because if I am unhappy. All the dancing make me forget plus a little of alcohol of cos.

  • vickylass

    Going out be it to dance the night away, to watcha play or a film is a good thing to unwind, but depression is a different matter. It’s a mental ilness that requires a trstment before it’s too late. I’m glad, though that you enjoyed yourself, Mel. Tanks for sharing.

  • BruceW

    And for those of us with two left feet, any other sort of socialising could have a good effect too.