A Pea in a Very Strange Pod

As I skimmed through my latest headlines on my live feed on Firefox, I noticed a particular article that said a man grew peas in his lungs. Now at first I thought maybe I was reading it wrong, but it turns out it was true! While eating peas for dinner in the past, one fell into his windpipe instead of his digestive line, landing right into his lungs. While camping there, the peas grew as they would if planted. This tiny little pea caused this man so many problems. The man had already had emphysema, but he found his condition getting worse as time went on prior to the discovery, turns out instead of his impression that it was indeed cancer, it was a string of peas! These little buggers grew up to half an inch in his lungs! How ironic, maybe when you’re told not to eat those watermelon seeds, they should have said not to eat your peas too!

They removed the string, and he’s doing better, so my laughter is that the irony of the pea growing in him, not his pain.

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