A Prick with The Pin – Joke

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20th Oct 2011

Cute little Mayur was not probably the best student in his school. Actually, all he could do at class was have a good night sleep whole day in the class.
One day the teacher was busy teaching the class while Mayur was sleeping, suddenly, the teacher called out Mayur’s name,” Hey Mayur, tell me, who is the creator of the Universe?’
     Mayur had no idea what was going on. Therefore, Saurav, a friend of his in the class sitting just next to him, wanted to help him, so he took a pin and pricked him on the back. “God!” he shouted and the teacher was happy to get his answer, and said,”very good my boy” and then Mayur went back to sleep.
    After sometime, the teacher again asked Mayur,”Who is our Lord?” Mayur still was in his dreamland, and so to help him once again, Saurav took a pin and struck him. ” Jesus!” he shouted and the teacher was satisfied to get him answer, while Mayur went back to sleep again.


Then the teacher came up with another question,”Do you know what did Eve tell Adam after they had their twenty-third child?” Saurav again pricked him with the same pin. Mayur, furious with angry shouted, “If you prick that thing one more time on my back, I’ll break it and put that in your back!”

The teacher shocked nearly fainted.

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  • Will Dee

    funny nice twitch at the end

  • Mr Arrogant

    its a pleasure to make you happy

  • Mr Arrogant

    @will dee

  • FX777222999

    Just a joke of course.

  • FX777222999

    A joke a day makes me happy.

  • pogi253

    very funny thanks for sharing

  • Kristie Claar

    too funny