A Rumor “Kills” Bel

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14th Nov 2010

The co-host of ‘Save Me’ was given up for dead last weekend in a statement on the internet. A false rumor that spread among Internet and Peace was quick to deny Padilla on Monday just after beginning the program:
“Belén Esteban found dead by his mother this morning at his home in Paracuellos del Jarama” read the headline of the canard on the vilified former Ubrique Jesulín woman.

Four paragraphs that had the “death” of the co-anchor detail and, allegedly, had been issued by certain digital media according to Paz Padilla, who replaced these days with Jorge Javier Vázquez. Of course, the presenter would not say by what means it was neither the identity of its author, only that “we have withdrawn.”

“The ‘People’s Princess” had a concentration of glucose in the blood lower than normal and this seems to be the cause of his death, while still unconfirmed, “read another piece of text that referred incorrectly to the agency EFE. A convoluted statement that according to the Andalusian and the chain could be an attempt to harm the Tertullian.

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At the news, ‘Save Me’ took the opportunity to interview the representative of the Stephen, Toño Sanchis , describing such news as “nonsense.” In addition, Paz Padilla asked if the ex Ubrique Jesulín knew of the existence of the false statement on the Internet, which Sanchís Bethlehem itself confessed that he had said. Crazy.

And is that the “disappearance” of Stephen after her husband was a ‘Save me’ to tell her infidelity has not helped much. This false story has served to keep journalists heart guarding the door of the house Telecinco co-host for more evidence that Bethlehem is “alive and well” as Paz Padilla said.

In these times, “to be dead” to the famous seems to be popular. From major players such as Johnny Deep to singers like Luis Miguel. You think now it’s the characters in the world of heart? Do you have an increasing impact?

For now, Telecinco is the most benefited with this whole ‘ saga Esteban . ” If last week ‘Save me’ entertained Fran, Bethlehem will come soon to sentence (or not) to her husband.

Following is the full text that has circulated on the Internet these days:

“BELEN ESTEBAN BY HIS MOTHER FOUND DEAD THIS MORNING IN YOUR HOUSE Paracuellos del Jarama. The popular co-anchor to jump to the media when he met his affair with the bullfighter Jesulín Ubrique and had a daughter, was found dead in by his mother in circumstances that remain unclear.

This, it had to be sedated by SAMUR services in the villa of the mountains has been taken to hospital with mild forecast. According to information from the EFE news agency, the “people’s princess” had a concentration of glucose in the blood lower than normal and this seems to be the cause of death, although it is still unconfirmed.

Stephen suffered from glucose and by their relatives in recent days, refused to receive visitors and leave his room, he had even left the care of their daughter Andrea to his mother to retreat, and it is suspected that despite a fall of premonition sugar did not take appropriate action. While it was the severe depression he suffered a week ago because of the recent separation from her husband could never come to suspect that it may endanger his own life, something that led to the fatal outcome.

Since the split of the matador a few years ago, Belén Esteban has been constantly in the spotlight. Dozens of exclusive magazines and television programs, cosmetic surgery, two covers Interviu (before and after breast surgery), ultramediatico romance with Oscar Lozano, (father of the son of Carmen Morales), much more discreet relationship with a waiter named Fran and stormy with DJ Dani. What is clear is that Jesus Janeiro has been the great love of the young. “