A Smelly Truth..

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30th Aug 2010

In an old town just outside of Brisbane, a young man by the name of Fredrick Banana had a hard life. All through school he had been teased constantly because of a rare skin condition causing him to have a rather nasty smell associated with him. Kid’s of all sizes and shapes constantly made fun of him with the hurtful name of “smelly bananas”. Whether it be a constant chant or a hurtful ladder on a string of crude insults, just to finish off the horrific insult. But alas he still strived for he knew that he had this “special” (as his mum used to call it) ability. Time and time again he would have to reassure himself that it would all be fine and he would get through it, until one late Friday afternoon, he was walking home and a few of the regular bullies were waiting in their usual spot.

He never was amazed at how small their idea’s and brains where due to the lack of different scenario’s occurring after school EVERY day. But today there was a bit of change in the air, for there was a new child who felt he needed to “prove” himself, so he came up with the idea of giving “smelly bananas” a bit of a scare. When he drew closer he couldn’t help but notice the difference in the group, almost straight away he started to run, and as they taunted him and chased him he couldn’t help but not pay attention to the small cliff rapidly approaching. It wasn’t until it was too late… He stumbled off the cliff, rolling down like a rag-doll, all of a sudden everything went black. The next day at school all the children who were present at “the cliff” were very nervous because of chasing “smelly bananas” over the cliff, there was no bragging with what had occurred the other day, if anything total and utter fear filled the hearts of everyone who participated in the event.

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Fredrick slowly opened his eyes and surveyed the room. It wasn’t any bigger than his room back at home and he must of hit his head rather hard because the room was still hazy. But for some reason whether he closed or rubbed his eyes everything was still hazy, and he started to become worried. Not until he truly focused could he tell he was not alone, but a still outline of a man in the heavily hazy room. But it wasn’t until he revealed himself that he saw a middle aged man smoking a cigarette. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the room was just full of smoke from multiple cigarettes. The man simply said, I knew you would come. It wasn’t until Fredrick asked question after question and pretty much going out of his mind thinking he had been kidnapped and was going to die that the mysterious man started to come about a more calming nature. Sitting Fredrick down he had explained the whole situation from hearing him screaming and the kids chasing him, to him falling over the cliff and bringing him back to his “home”. He then asked why they where chasing him and he explained in full the story of “smelly bananas”, and in return the man sat and simply nodded until he was finished speaking and then said four magic words…. I can help you.

  • cebah

    Interesting plot unfolding! Look forward to the next instalment!

  • Duff D Moss

    Hah – is it peach, is it a watermelon – NO – It’s BANANA MAN!

    I hope to see the next chapter in the next round of the challenge. Thanks for playing. Don’t forget to post the link to this article in the challenge results thread.

  • nymphofairy

    Oh I know who it is. silly.

  • LCM Linda

    Interesting plot. I think I can guess who he is but wonder what come next. Thanks for sharing.